Digital Communication and Marketing

As students’ searches progress, there is a need for strategic communications that deliver useful information in order to quickly move them along in the decision-making process. At Swim, we create targeted, institutionally-branded digital and traditional marketing pieces that resonate with the target audience across multiple platforms.

Innovative design and clear messaging are needed to connect students with your institution’s branded marketing efforts. Swim understands the complexities of collegiate communications and maximizes brand standards to produce customized marketing materials enabling your organization to communicate effectively to prospects, students, faculty staff and stakeholders. These materials include print campaign development, branding and logo development, digital advertisements, and much more.

Web & Landing Page Development

At Swim, we develop comprehensive websites and custom landing pages that create a positive experience to reinforce your institution’s brand. Information, design, navigability, branding, mobile capability, and page load speed are all critical elements to consider in website development. Poorly designed or outdated sites harm online presence and reputation. With thorough planning during the development phase, managed implementation, and scheduled systematic updates, your college’s online messaging will effectively reach your audience.

Digital Viewbooks & Mobile Applications

In our digitally connected society, we are accustomed to having access to information on our tablets and mobile devices. Institutions that do not take advantage of current and emerging technologies may miss opportunities to interact and engage with current and prospective students. Swim develops digital assets that inform, create a sense of community, and promote student success efforts by providing access to information, campus maps, student support services, and virtual advising through the creation of viewbooks and mobile applications.

Digital Advertising

Targeting prospects through a strategic mix of digital advertising across multiple online platforms is crucial to building an effective advertising strategy. When institutions fail to create a pipeline for delivering quality leads, enrollment outcomes can be difficult to track and are adversely affected. Swim partners with your marketing team to implement a digital media strategy using targeted messaging to increase inbound traffic and generate more conversions to meet organization goals.