Process and Communication Reengineering

A Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system is among the most strategic pieces of technology an organization institutes. The purpose of the CRM system is to combine all constituents – students, donors, faculty, etc. – into one database. For a successful implementation, a CRM must complement the abilities of people and processes connected to it. As a vendor-neutral firm, Swim works with key stakeholders in the selection and deployment process of a new college-wide CRM.

Communication Plans

Collegiate prospects represent multiple types of unique personas, requiring personalized and strategic communications. To attract and successfully convert potential students, it is crucial to engage with prospects at every stage of the student life cycle, including the initial inquiry stage through graduation. Swim outlines the communication process and develops the tools to cultivate authentic relationships where students feel welcome and a part of your college family.

With the execution of strategic communication plans across multiple channels, we provide you with the framework to leverage technology and the human-factor to ensure outreach efforts are personal, timely and relevant – evoking the actions needed to move students through the enrollment process.