Strategic Restructuring

A poorly-executed restructure waste a well-thought-out concept, making it virtually invaluable. For optimized institutional success, a change in position responsibilities or staffing may be necessary to effectively meet the needs of students and the institution as a whole. As an impartial perspective, Swim partners with you to identify the challenges within your marketing, recruiting, admissions and student service teams to determine if a strategic restructure is needed. During a strategic restructure, we walk you through the process, from onset to conclusion, producing the best possible outcome.

Performance Funding Planning and Reporting

The implementation of performance funding models by State Boards of Education across the United States has tasked individual colleges with interpreting the legislation and metrics by which they are measured. Correctly understanding the measures and selecting the areas of focus which have the largest impact are imperative to institutional success. Swim is well-versed in performance funding measures and will help you successfully navigate the multi-faceted process of educating stakeholders and implementing the necessary changes to achieve improved performance and increased state funding.

Change Management

Undertaking significant projects to shift organizational focus, improve performance, or address key issues requires management techniques that address the full impact of change on organizations and their workforce. To offset potential opposition and prevent negative results, planning and systematic execution is required for a successful implementation of strategic initiatives. Swim works with you and your key stakeholders utilizing change management techniques, providing you with the framework and tools necessary to realize organizational goals.

Change Readiness

Prior to the successful implementation of strategic initiatives, a degree of impending change and impact among all stakeholders needs to be realized in order to achieve optimal results. Swim works with you to develop internal communications that clearly convey the value of the changes, as well as work with you to execute those communications to your team.

Staff Onboarding

In a team environment where student prospecting, recruitment and enrollment is at the core of the job, the need for new staff members to have a solid understanding of social and performance expectations is paramount. Swim works with department managers, senior leadership, and human resources to ensure new hires quickly adjust to all aspects of the job, and feel empowered and ready to function successfully in their new environment.