Digital Assessment

For some students, the online enrollment process and online learning experience are handled completely in the digital space. Swim works with you to define your students’ actual online experience, develop workflows, and identify paths to entry and student completion – enabling your college to put the students first.

Onboarding Process Review

A solid onboarding process creates a foundation for students to believe that they are set up for success from the inception of their onboarding process. The failure to institute onboarding best practices results in decreased enrollment, retention, persistence, and graduation outcomes. Swim provides a thorough analysis of your onboarding process, including opportunities for implementation of scalable and sustainable solutions. These solutions optimize and streamline processes that allow for technology integration and ultimately, improved student success.

Customer Service Taskforce

Enrollment growth requires retaining current students, in addition to recruiting new students. A lack of focus on customer service can negatively impact an organization, especially if students do not know they are valued and a part of your college family. Swim defines what customer service means for your college through taskforce development and training initiatives, laying down groundwork for a paradigm shift within the institution. Breaking down silos to achieve a cross-departmental efficiencies and college-wide communication creates a positive and fully-functioning environment that provides services and support for students to achieve their personal and educational goals.

Secret Student Experience

The quality of services provided by your recruiting, admissions, advising, and enrollment teams directly correlates with enrollment outcomes. Swim executes a “secret student” experience, and delivers reports that arm you with data to review and evaluate current practices in order to identify areas of opportunity. This service gives you an in-depth understanding of the experiential gap, defining the perceived path versus the actual student interaction.
Our “secret student” service is very similar to a “secret shopper.” We have non-biased participants go through the entire application process as if they were a student applying for the first time. Our trained “students” create detailed reports outlining their experiences while applying to your college, including screenshots, specific information and expert opinions. From there, we identify all of the college’s areas of improvement and build a strategic plan that properly and successfully represents the institution while ensuring an increase in enrollment, retention and student success.