What better way to brainstorm than lock yourselves in a room and write on the walls… right? Well this is exactly what we do at Swim Digital Group! We recently partnered with a local museum for a rebranding project, and there’s only one way to start an assignment like this: a sequester. Although unorganized, there is a flow to this creative process. You could call it “orchestrated chaos.” Here are the main components Swim utilizes to make ideas come to life during a sequester.


Before we start any idea curation, we set up the room to properly support the creative flow. We place giant paper all over walls, doors, windows, and even the microwave. Each paper is titled to represent what information is going on that paper. For example, we titled the first one “Goals for Today.”


Being aware of the sequester goals is the most important element. Defining clear goals helps keep the team on track because it’s very easy to lose focus. For our sequester, the goals were to create three logo ideas, find a color pallet, and choose a font family.


Looking at local and national competitors gives us an idea of what works or doesn’t work. We gathered several museum logos, put them on the wall, and discussed the different elements. However, it’s never a good idea to use another company’s concept. Looking at their work is for inspiration only!


Every member of the Swim team was tasked with finding, printing, and hanging photos that work together to form a specific mood. The mood for our sequester was child-like, colorful, and explorative. Utilizing a mood board puts everyone in a specific mindset that guides creative direction.


What exactly is your client asking for? It’s a good idea to post the requirements along with the rest of your materials. This is another tactic that will help keep the creative team on track.


Rebranding involves much more than just changing the logo. A brand has to be consistent across all platforms, including websites and social media. It’s ideal to constantly reevaluate the social media strategies because the digital world is perpetually changing.


After spending hours brainstorming as a team, we go back to our desks and start building out the ideas. The most exciting part – in my opinion – is coming back together as a group to see what the designers have created as a result of the sequester.

Sequesters serve many purposes: idea curation, brainstorming, and collaboration. However, there’s a bonus perk, which is being able to work as a team and watch a project grow before your eyes. Every sequester is different depending on the agency, the client, and each individual’s creative process. The Swim team is eager to watch this project develop and launch!