USF HealthCosmetic and Laser Center

USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center had a strategic goal of shifting brand perception. Swim created and managed an e-newsletter with the goal of increasing communication with current and prospective clients and driving them to the social media channels and website. We executed a strategic plan for USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center’s social media, which included a full rebrand of their social channels. Through social media management, Swim is working to grow engagement among current customers and increase prospective customers. To help accomplish these goals, Swim is positioning USF as a high-quality medical spa and source of knowledge and using Facebook to promote upcoming events and new products and services.


Since partnering with Swim, USF engagement has increased by 38% and traffic has increased by 160% when compared to the baseline of December 2016.


Social media rebrand, social media management, email marketing, strategy activation