Student Experience

The First Step to Enhancing the Student Experience

The First Step to Enhancing the Student Experience

As higher education leaders continue to refine and enhance the student experience, they often enlist the help of agencies like Swim. The most common question that we hear is “Where do I start?” and our answer is usually process mapping.

It doesn’t matter what part of the student life cycle you want to tackle first – process maps help you understand your student’s experience from the first inquiry to graduation day. A good process map will give you a holistic view of the interactions students have with the school, whether it’s through an automated communications or one-on-one conversations.

Last winter, Achieving The Dream and EDUCAUSE asked Swim to facilitate a process-mapping workshop for iPASS recipients. Through our work, we demonstrated how to engage key stakeholders to begin defining the process of student onboarding.

You can read about our key takeaways from working with 36 colleges and universities from across the county here.

Process mapping is one of the many ways that higher education institutions can begin to build a solid foundation of the student experience. However, each college and university is different, so it is important to work with a cross-functional group to build a cohesive process that fits the unique needs of your student body.

A strong process map will support the engagement and communications that are deployed to help students reach their academic goals.