Three Tips to Make Your Print Files Take Off

Preflighting your documents and print files before they go out to the press is essential to alleviating future headaches. It hurts a little inside when the vision you had in mind or even on the computer doesn’t come back the way you hoped. Here are some things to remember…

  1. Is the document in the right color mode for print?

Print pieces need to be in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). Make sure that your logos, design elements, and images are converted before exporting, or your deliverables may look different when they are printed than what you intended.

  1. Does your printer need a bleed?

If you want your print design to go from edge-to-edge when it goes to the printer, check to see how much extra space they want you to have to trim down to your desired look. Each printer may be different, but typically the bleed will be between an eighth or a quarter inch extra around all four sides.

  1. Will the printer have your font?

Outlining your text into shapes or sending your printer a flattened piece for printing is an easy to way to ensure typeface consistency and avoid licensing issues if you are using a premium type family that your printer may not have.