We hope you’re as excited for AACC as we are! Swim has been attending AACC for years, and we are thrilled to be back in person this year.

The Swim team is led by CEO and President, Trimeka Benjamin, and has a long history of helping colleges and universities grow their enrollment and retention with customized solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Students are at the heart of everything we do, from the initial research and discovery to the implementation of recruitment, enrollment, and retention strategies. 

This year, we are looking forward to learning from industry leaders, and sharing our expertise with friends and future clients.

We’d love to connect with you during the conference. If  you’d like to connect with Swim, you can email our Director of Strategy & Logistics, Paige Skinner, directly at pskinner@swimdigitalgroup.com, or meet us at one of our sessions below. 

Learn More About Swim at one of our AACC Sessions

The Importance of Social Media for College Presidents

In this moderated panel discussion, three sitting College Presidents will share how they leverage social media channels – in very different ways – to build their brand and lead their College through the pandemic.

Each will share how they use their platforms to engage their students, community and business stakeholders, donors, internal faculty, and staff. They will discuss the strategies and platforms used to increase communications, share their vision for the College, and how that has impacted their success as President. 

Reimagining the Dual Enrollment Mindset

During this discussion, Dr. Jenkins will share best practices from across the country from the “The Dual Enrollment Playbook: A Guide to Equitable Acceleration for Students” on using dual enrollment to improve equitable access for high school students and better prepare students for academic success. 

As a participant in CCRC’s study of innovative dual enrollment programs, Dr. Ballinger will share how LCCC increased socioeconomic mobility through academic and workforce partnerships.

Deep Diving into the Student Experience

As Amarillo College prepared to change the student experience, they started by analyzing the current state. President Lowery-Hart will share how deep diving into the College infrastructure and processes provided a realistic perspective of the current challenges and impact on the student experience. Additionally, the President underwent a homeless simulation to truly understand the life challenges his students were facing in their everyday lives. 

Through these exercises, the College built solutions that had an immediate impact on enrollment and student success when put into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to apply for aid yearly?

Yes. If your financial circumstances changes, you may receive more or less aid. For example, your eligibility for financial aid could change significantly, especially if you have a different number of family members in college. Renewal of your financial aid package also depends on your satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards a degree.

I probably don’t qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?

Yes. Many families mistakenly think they don’t qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving financial aid by failing to apply for it. There are a few sources of aid such as unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans that are available regardless of need, but you have to fill out a FAFSA to qualify. The FAFSA application is free, we recommend that everyone fill it out

Will financial aid cover all of my costs?

Maybe. In some circumstances, financial aid will cover the student’s full tuition and fees for the school year. However, it could only cover a portion. Once your FAFSA is processed and your award has been packaged, you will receive a letter outlining your full award.