Enrollment Management
& Student Services Consulting

We understand that each project is unique. At Swim, all of our projects are rooted in research and data surrounding the operations of your institution. Our team of consultants will walk the path of an incoming student to have a full perspective of their journey, while engaging relevant internal stakeholders every step of the way. Our approach allows us to streamline enrollment processes while integrating new advising and admissions models for success.

Process & Communication Strategy

At Swim, we have witnessed the positive impact that strong, well-developed process and communication strategies have on colleges and universities, as well as their students. In-depth meetings with department staff allow us to better understand the gaps that exist within your onboarding and enrollment processes. Based on our research and findings, we’ll recommend relevant solutions and build a customized action plan for execution when approved.

Strategic Planning & Marketing

With several years of experience combining marketing and higher education, our team helps colleges and universities achieve recruitment and enrollment goals through a variety of advanced digital marketing strategies. Swim’s strong foundation in social media marketing, web design, app development, and campaign strategy allow us to take institutional efforts to the next level.


Enrollment Management Consulting

Research-based approach that leads to the development of processes to optimize student enrollment.

Integrating Multi-campus Models

Uniting the institution across all geographical locations.

Enrollment Growth Strategies

Rapid response to enrollment challenges or longterm enrollment growth strategies.

Institutional Exploration

Streamlining enrollment processes while integrating new advising and admissions models for success.

Streamlining Processes

The use of modernization methods, technology and other potential approaches.

Communication Strategy

The blueprints on how students and the institution will share information.

Institutional Restructures

Structuring student services departments to meet the growing demands of high-need/high-touch students

Communications Plan Implementation

The method of integrating different interactions between all institutional departments and students.

Student and Faculty Onboarding & Training

Programs designed to acclimate people who are newly recruited or moved to new positions from within the institution.

Intergrating Advising Models

Reworking existing advising plans or creating plans from the ground up.

Strategic Planning

The process of creating and establishing a direction for the institution.

Marketing Strategy

Developing new programs to boost various departments efficiency.

Higher Education Marketing

Customized mareketing approach to promote to each institution across all platforms.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Content promotion through paid Social, SEO, and SEM.

Organizational restructure and departmental assessment

Streamlining and analyzing various branches' workflow within an organization.