To accomplish the objective above, Swim worked with university leadership and the identified stakeholders for the work ahead. In partnership with stakeholders, Swim analyzed current processes through “Mock-Sessions”, Deep Dives, and Secret Student Experience services. This engagement included all departments that engage the students outside of the classroom to include: admissions, registrar, student life, advising, and financial aid. From these fact finding sessions, Swim worked with stakeholders to develop the path forward.


Morgan State University (MSU) contacted Swim Digital Group (Swim) to evaluate their current onboarding efforts. Their challenge was due to apparent gaps in processing time for students being onboarded to the University, but it was unclear on exactly where. They also wanted to implement a One Stop Center for students so that there was a single team responsible for the engagement and communications for students, from the moment they are a prospect through to graduation – as it related to Student Affairs. They asked to identify gaps and propose solutions that offer process changes, as well as communications structure for students on the path of enrollment and re-enrollment at MSU.


To create a cohesive process and singular voice, Swim proposed the implementation of the following for MSU:

The development of Bear Essentials, a call center responsible for MSU’s Admission, Res Life, and Financial Aid communications and triage. Bear Essentials served as the first point of contact that allowed students to ask questions and transfer to ancillary departments, if necessary. This implementation helped kick off the process of transitioning Morgan’s siloed departments into a single cohesive brand.

The development of a process map from the point of inquiry through to graduation for all departments within student services and student life. This ensured that some of the major elements that impact student success were addressed proactively.

The creation of an onboarding communication plan that directs students to Bear Essentials for commonly asked questions. It also directed students to the necessary departments for critical needs such as payment plan development, housing appointments, and faculty advising.

Additionally, Swim took over MSU’s social media accounts to support the Enrollment Management & Student Success team. By providing streamlined posts and content for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Swim helped MSU promote Bear Essentials, as well as provide another point of communication for students.


The primary indicator that helped MSU realize that Swim was needed was the number of complaints to the call center and executive staff. This was significantly decreased within 6 months of the implementation. Additionally, students had less need to call for assistance and guidance due to the improved clarity of communications and next steps.