At Swim Digital Group, we stand hand-in-hand with our clients, equipped with the knowledge and experience to move higher education institutions forward. 

There is more competition in the higher education industry than ever before. Not only do institutions need to excel in student engagement and learning strategies to compete for enrollment, but they also need to ensure that students are prepared for gainful employment after graduation. And amidst the changing industry, colleges and universities are also tackling new technologies, like customer relationship management systems, as a way to reach more students. These technology changes can often be the source of conflict between student and academic affairs.

Swim helps colleges and universities get back on the path to success and keep the focus by building and growing an ecosystem of innovative collaboration. Our work with higher education institutions addresses strategic issues such as process efficiency, strategic communications, digital marketing strategies, organizational effectiveness, and enrollment growth – all with the goal of making higher education a reality for more students across the US.



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Live Experiences

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