By creating and developing an environment of innovative collaboration, Swim helps colleges and universities get back on the road to success and keep the emphasis on student success. Our work tackles topics such as process efficiency, strategic communications, digital marketing strategy, organizational efficiency and growth in enrollment, all with the goal of making higher education a reality for more students with our solutions.


More time and money are spent by colleges and universities on engaging and retaining students. The truth is that knowing and optimizing the processes and interactions for current students is more productive and cost effective. It is much more than just a program, it is dedication, encouragement, guidance, services and support. Swim understands what it takes to keep students happy and active, contributing to retention and re-enrollment.


Finding, engaging and enrolling new students, is not the same as it was five years ago. Your perspective students have more options and expect an experience that is personal, timely and relevant to them – not the institution. Swim helps to marry your existing resources to the demands of your prospective students.


Colleges and universities are dealing with just as much uncertainty as students about how to deliver services that are engaging and collaborative. The pressure can be daunting – but what Swim does is ensure that the experiences that your students are used to, come to life virtually. From ceremonies to open houses and info sessions, we have the technology , communication strategy and logistics support under control.